Studio A

The structural and technical equipment of Studio A was of the highest standard. Windows in your own inner courtyard allow you to work in daylight. The technical studio and acoustic extensions were planned by the renowned German studio planning company ACM. First-class room acoustics were created through acoustic measurements with subsequent fine-tuning. Apart from the measured values, according to expert opinion, the Studio A has excellent room acoustics. The window construction between Studio A and the recording room is a constructive and creative highlight developed by ACM in an individual plan with a large view between the studio and the recording room.

In the lounge area, a large glass front offers an insight into the heart of the studio, the Studio A control room. However, the studio can be closed with a flick of the wrist using a privacy screen to form a completely undisturbed, intimate work space. The planning of the overall solution for the electrical and audio cabling of the entire studio complex with its 3 audio workstations was carried out by the German specialist company STI.


Bingoboys studio